Why Healthpoint iCertify?

Healthpoint iCertify was founded in 1998 to provide quality education experiences to community health care providers. Its founders include Augustus Kops and Tracy Barill.

Their combined clinical expertise, education accomplishments and community health care experience makes them ideal drivers for Healthpoint iCertify. Their network of like-minded nurses, dietitians, medical doctors, occupational therapists, physiotherapists and skilled community health care providers is expected to be instrumental in the development of a wide range of online and blended learning programs.


Privacy Policy

We have a strict privacy policy at Healthpoint iCertify in accordance with privacy laws of British Columbia, Canada. No private information about a registrant of Healthpoint iCertify will be shared with a third party at any time without the express permission of the registrant.

The Story Behind Healthpoint iCertify

Healthpoint iCertify offers accessible, affordable training and credentialing for community health care providers

Community Health Care

Community and home health care (CHC) is a viable alternative to hospital or long term care services. CHC is full spectrum, provided for children with special needs, people with physical or mental disabilities, the frail elderly, and those who require palliative care.

Health care is trending overwhelmingly towards CHC. Over the last 10 years, facility care hours have plateaued. CHC shoulders twice its responsibility of 10 years ago. The trend is not surprising.  According to the Canadian Healthcare Association’s report Home Care in Canada: From the Margins to the Mainstream(2009):

  • People generally prefer to receive care at home
  • Population is aging with increased incidence of chronic illness
  • New technologies enable increasingly complex care at home
  • Home care is typically a more affordable alternative to facility care

As a result, people tend to remain at home or in assisted living arrangements even with complicated health care needs.

While health care in licensed facilities are provided almost exclusively by regulated health care professionals (nursing, medicine, dietitians, occupational therapists), the sizable majority of CHC providers are either un-regulated health care workers or unpaid caregivers (family, friends, and volunteers).

This group of caregivers can be responsible for ‘nursing’ procedures (medication administration, wound care, seizure management, and ostomy care) in homes and in assisted living settings often without nursing or medical support close by. Their results tend to be admirable. The challenges to providing exemplary care are formidable.

New Skills Are Needed

With complex health conditions and the infusion of new home care technologies, community health care often requires specialized skills - skills that are often not addressed in basic training programs.

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Accessible, Affordable, Engaging & Effective

CHC organizations need an affordable, comprehensive training solution that delivers results. Most are still looking.

Some decide to go it alone, developing an in-house training program. Required resources could include subject matter experts, instructional designers, visual information designers, sound and video capture, graphic artists, classrooms, white boards, web site creators, programmers, content editors and pilot testers. Program delivery, program evaluation and program revisions are resource intensive as well.

But what is an ideal training solution?