Accessible, Affordable, Engaging & Effective

CHC organizations need an affordable, comprehensive training solution that delivers results. Most are still looking.

Some decide to go it alone, developing an in-house training program. Required resources could include subject matter experts, instructional designers, visual information designers, sound and video capture, graphic artists, classrooms, white boards, web site creators, programmers, content editors and pilot testers. Program delivery, program evaluation and program revisions are resource intensive as well.

But what is an ideal training solution?

 Criteria for such a program might include:

  • Full accessibility – anytime, anywhere – requires online 24/7 availability and supplemented by blended learning opportunities (classroom courses supported by online resources)
  • Affordable – program cost is less costly than in-class courses with added savings in travel time,  time off work (programs can be completed during and after work hours) and staff replacement costs
  • Engaging – program design appeals to a variety of learner styles (i.e. visual, auditory), is enhanced with interactive activities and supports a host of media (auditory, animation, video, graphics and text)
  • Effective – the learning programs deliver results; caregivers successfully complete training programs and competently perform health care skills;
  • Branded for the CHC organization; the training program can be tailored to the specifics of an organization with the organization logo prominent in every learning activity

Healthpoint iCertify offers such a training solution.

Community health caregivers and organizations can now affordably access engaging, effective always accessible learning programs. Healthpoint iCertify, an established education company with thousands of students over the past 10 years, has combined instructional design expertise, content specialists and educational technology strategies to produce a comprehensive, quality learning solution. Healthpoint iCertify can leverage from a customer base of small to mid-size CHC organizations to make this an affordable training solution.

The field is level once again with excellent training opportunities available to single caregivers as well as small, medium and large CHC organizations.