Why Healthpoint iCertify?

Healthpoint iCertify was founded in 1998 to provide quality education experiences to community health care providers. Its founders include Augustus Kops and Tracy Barill.

Their combined clinical expertise, education accomplishments and community health care experience makes them ideal drivers for Healthpoint iCertify. Their network of like-minded nurses, dietitians, medical doctors, occupational therapists, physiotherapists and skilled community health care providers is expected to be instrumental in the development of a wide range of online and blended learning programs.

Augustus E. Kops, President of Healthpoint iCertify.

Augustus E. Kops RN, President of Vinge & Associates Health Care Services since 1992. Mr. Kops has expertise across several domains including critical care, mental health, adult education, audio/video production and the community health care of people with physical and developmental disabilities. Vinge and Associates has a 20 year history as a nurse consultant service for people with developmental disabilities and complicated health needs. Vinge and Associates also provide residential care services in Vancouver, BC and area.

Tracy Barill, Director of Instructional Design and Development

Tracy Barill RN, BSN, MEd also has expertise across several domains including critical care, adult education, educational technologies, software development, simulation development and online learning design. Mr. Barill is the President of SkillStat Learning Inc., a critical care education company specializing in online learning tools and courses. His books, software and learning tools have been downloaded and purchased by over 4 million health care professionals in the last 5 years. Tracy Barill has also served as a nurse consultant for people with complicated health needs in the community for close to 20 years.


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